Books, Bible and Numbers - Acrylic on Canvas
I pulled out my Bible, and suddenly the verses became more alive and richer. It was as if a veil had been torn, allowing me to explore a deeper dimension of the scriptures. There seemed to be an underlying meaning just sitting below the surface, something hidden and mysterious, unknown to the common eye but significant to me.
Even the verse numbers held importance, with good and bad connotations attached to them. Having studied the scriptures for a while, I knew that Jewish tradition upheld certain numbers as significant. This thrilled me, and I became captivated by any verses that had the numbers one, four, seven, or twelve as their verse numbers. Among these numbers, fourteen held the utmost importance. It was not only the date of my birth, but also my favourite number. As I read the Bible in this new way, it took on a sacred meaning.
As I continued to read the scriptures, it began to feel as if God were speaking directly to me, attempting to convey a profound message – something significant that only I was meant to know. I felt called to something greater than myself, tasked with deciphering His Holy Bible in a new way only I could fully comprehend.

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