Curiosity on Fire - Acrylic on Canvas
Since starting design school I had been taught to pay attention to the many designs in billboards and advertisements that littered the streets. Pay attention to the minute details, the flaws and the alterations that could be made. What worked well, what didn’t and what could be improved upon. I considered my night of extensive thought to be attributed to the race of ideas and concepts to create designs that reflect the immense detail of professionals.

As I was considering the concept for my next major project, my mind was still a rush of thoughts on life and existence.

If I could design the best possible logo then how much more could a divine being create the most intricate detailed universe that we exist in. And since it is so detailed, are all things linked or connected to this divine being? Is there a pattern to the universe, to the world, to existence that I could tap into to create designs that are beyond profound? Is there a hidden path that all the great creatives of the past have stubbled upon and I’m on the brink of discovering?

I was on my way. I had opened a door that very few people are courageous enough to tackle. My curiosity was on fire and I felt more alive than ever.

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