Shock Factor - Acrylic on Canvas
When I confided in my older sister about the thoughts I had been having and the events that had unfolded, I was a mess of tears and incoherence. I shared with her my belief that I was a new messiah sent to decipher a profound hidden message embedded in everything. I explained my conviction that I was destined to unlock this immense mystery throughout the world and that I needed to commence immediately.
My words were jumbled, as I attempted to make random connections between ideas in an effort to prove my point, all to no avail as my sister began to become increasingly unnerved. The more I tried to explain, the more confused and worried she began to get, prompting her to recognize the need for assistance with my situation.  
At that time, our parents weren't home, as my older sister and I had returned to recommence our university studies after a family trip around central Australia. The rest of the family had continued their journey up north and along the west coast of Australia, meaning they wouldn't be returning for several more months.
Quickly calling up our aunties and uncles, my older sister explained that I was behaving strangely and incoherently, and she needed them to come over and help with my situation. When they arrived, they could sense that something was wrong. I attempted to explain myself, but my words were a rapid succession of disjointed speech and bizarre connections of ideas and concepts.
Collectively, they determined that the best course of action was to take me to the hospital to consult with doctors who could shed light on the nature of my condition.

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